The Philippine Cornea Society, Inc. envisions itself to be the leading authority in the worldwide effort to eradicate visual disability and morbidity due to Corneal and External Eye Diseases, becoming the preferred source for speakers in international conferences, for leaders in regional and global organizations of Cornea and External Eye Disease specialists, and for key experts in clinical protocol and health care policy development.


The Philippine Cornea Society, Inc. is the national organization of ophthalmologists specializing in Corneal and External Eye Diseases, recognized by the Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology as a subspecialty society. The Society constantly strives to improve the level of expertise of its members to keep it at par with international standards. In this way, the Society serves its members, their fellow ophthalmologists, and patients suffering from Corneal and External Eye Diseases who benefit from the expertise of its members.

The Society encourages its members to achieve excellence in the subspecialty through continuous learning, research, and innovation in an atmosphere of collaboration and camaraderie. The Society admonishes its members to adhere strictly to ethical and professional standards of medical practice.

These commitments of the Society are the focus of its sustained activities, the success of which is manifested in the growth of its professional influence, in the maintenance of its financial stability, in the pride of its members and the fulfillment of its employees in being part of the organization, and in the international recognition and public awareness of the Society as the authority in its field.

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